Saturday, April 25, 2015

HEY there... you two readers who MIGHT still be checking in intermittently

Chris says to me, "What's going on with your blog? You need to update, or remove it, or something. You sound like you're begging for money in the last post..."

And that was in December. So, I'll give you the quick QUICK update since then. Four months have past. And I've raised almost $3,000 which I will pay for my HolyYoga license!!! I am registered to begin classes in less than a month. After nine weeks of webinar/ conference call learning (20 hours a week study time/ mat time) I will be going to St. Paul, MN for a five day immersion. Yoga. All. Day. Long. (Sounds lovely right now... but then, I'm sure I'll be a tensed up ball of nerve and exhaustion) 

I have been abundantly blessed by people giving. Abundantly. It is such an awesome thing to just step out on faith and believe that God will do what he says he will do. He put this desire in my spirit and I knew it would all work out.

With that, Camille has been off the boob for a week now. One whole week, at nineteen months old, sans ninnie. She's done surprisingly well. I went down to twice a day feedings, nap and bedtime and she really didn't loose her mind like I anticipated. She still asks, and shakes her head "no" as she points, knowing I will say no.  It's been harder on me I think, but I know I have to do this now--- to make things easier later.

She keeps me busy. And exhausted. We go to our new and improved neighborhood park often. It opened mid-March. We are members to the Discovery Science Place in downtown Tyler, only a mile or so away AND the Tyler zoo. Oh, motherhood. We have lots to do these days!!

Dallas Arboretum, April 2015

Tonight Camille is spending her first night away from home with her Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Jeremiah in Athens- about an hour away. (Thus the TIME to write...) Although, this is hardly blog-worthy, just a touching  base, if anyone is wondering What Happened!!

She has become a better napper, going down to one a day- but at least it's usually two hours or so and I can DO something. Which right now is usually yoga or yoga reading....

Chris is working on his jeep and I am writing and reading. Not much of a date night, having time without Camille. So, I'll keep it short. We are taking the motorcycle out soon for burgers and a stop by the tattoo parlor. Cause I'm a class act like that- if you ever doubted!!

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